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BUY NOW 2 Pc Mirror / Picture Boxes or 2 Pc Picture / Mirror Cartons

Picture Box / Mirror Box

The picture carton or mirror box is an easy-to-use carton.
If the pictures are thin you can put 2 or 3 inside of each box - just place them one against the other.
A piece of cardboard between them is recommended to avoid scratches.
Standard size mirrors, posters and pictures fit perfectly inside this picture box, which is also called mirror carton.


Closed Box
37 in x 4 in x 27 in
Price: $ 8.22

Holds well pictures or mirrors
up to 36 in x 27 in

Closed Box
48 in x 4.5 in x 33.25 in
Price: $ 10.85

Holds well pictures or mirrors
up to 47 in x 33 in
Check how you can protect your pictures and mirrors in a quick way and many times without the need of wrapping.
Just mount the box, place the pictures or mirrors inside, close the box with tape.
When the pictures are thin, you can pack more than one in one box: just use a cardboard between them to avoid damage. If the mirrors or pictures are very delicate and you want more protection, you can wrap them with cushioning bubble.

2 piece mirror boxes

Picture inside a 2 pc picture / mirror box


2 piece picture boxes


Two thin pictures inside a picture box
with a cardboard between them for protection.

2 piece mirror boxes and 2 piece picture carton same day delivery - check home page.