Packing guide and tips when you do your own packing.

When doing your packing and moving you should have in mind:

Avoid to use too many large and extra large boxes. These boxes should be kept to a minimum, unless you are planning to put light objects inside of them. Large boxes with heavy items should be placed at the bottom row in your moving van. If you stack too many heavy boxes the bottom ones will get crushed.

Small Boxes or Book Boxes
Medium Boxes
Try as much as possible to use medium and small boxes.
Remember that heavy items like books, DVDs and CDs should necessarily be packed in small boxes.
Kitchen items such as dishes, canned foods, liquors, and other heavy items should be packed in small boxes.
Use white paper to protect your dishes and to void fill.
Small and fragile items can be packed in small boxes with styrofoam peanuts for better protection.
Do not make the boxes extra heavy.
Remember that you too will be carrying them around.
Medium boxes should be used to pack larger heavy items such as pots and pans, large trays, blenders, coffee makers, rice makers and small appliances.
Clothes and shoes are also recommended.
When you pack a very heavy item in a box, we recommend to put lighter items such as plastic bowls, tupperware, plastic glasses, etc to complete the box.
Large and X-L boxes should be used to large and light objects like pillows, stuffed animals, toys, decoration, etc.
Boxes should never be over stuffed, because they will be stacked and the contents will be crushed.
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A layer of cushioning bubble should be placed on the bottom of all boxes you pack.
Cushioning bubble should always be used around delicate items.
Before placing your pictures or mirrors inside the picture boxes and the 4-pc adjustable picture boxes we suggest to wrap them with bubble for a better protection.
For large items use large bubble, for smaller items use small bubble cushioning.
Cushioning bubble comes in different widths and roll sizes. Check which best fits your needs.
Every plate must be wrapped in newsprint, also called white wrapping paper.
The white wrapping paper does not stain your dishes, it is clean and ideal to protect almost everything.
You should wrap metal and wood objects, frames, pots, bottles, candles, glasses, cups, plates, pirex, all items that you do not want to be scratched.
Use the unprinted newsprint to fill the spaces in the boxes and as cushion.
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The dish box is double walled, therefore it is very resistant.
This box is made for glasses and should be used along with cell kits.
The dish pack box can be used for bowls, servers, pots, pans and large kitchen items as well.
Statues, special large items that need more protection can be packed in the dish pack box.
Remember that you should not leave loose items inside the boxes, use white paper, bubble cushioning or styrofoam peanuts to void fill.
Use the cell kit inside the dish pack boxes to easily and rapidly pack wine and water glasses, cups, bottles, etc.
This cell kit provides 3 layers, with 32-slot partitions for standard size glasses and cups and 9-slot partitions for taller champagne glasses or decoration items.
You should always put a layer of bubble cushioning bubble on the bottom of the box for better cushioning.
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The 24 in wide wardrobe boxes come in two sizes, full and short, along with bars.
The full size is 48 in high, very useful for long dresses, pants and coats.
The short wardrobe is 32 in high, better to hang shirts, skirts and kid's clothes.
In the bottom you can place shoes, T-shirts, belts, purses and a bunch of loose items found in closets.
After loading the bottom you can hang your clothing comfortably.
We recommend the use of full size wardrobe boxes.
When you buy full size wardrobe boxes you are saving, because they will hold almost twice the volume.
These useful boxes will hold tall dry plants, real plants along with their vases, bed linen, towels, delicate furniture and a whole variety of hard-to-pack items that are not necessarily clothing.
When you are packing a container, if you place chairs inside wardrobe boxes, the packing will be easier and the pieces better protected.
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Picture boxes and adjustable 4-way mirror carton (also called telescopic carton) are a must-have when you pack your pictures and mirrors.
The picture boxes can hold up to 2 or 3 pictures, depending on their width.
Put a piece of cardboard between the pictures and make sure it is snugly fitted between the sides of the picture / mirror box.
The adjustable 4-pc mirror box is excellent for large pictures and you can compose most of the boxes with the four quarters of the box.
For even bigger pictures you can put together 6, 8, 10 or 12 quarters.
The quarters can be used to protect larger furniture as well.
We use the picture box leaves to protect door glasses and TV screens.
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The dish pouches are very convenient when you don't have time to wrap plates and want to protect them individually.
They are a type of styrofoam bags that you just slip the plates inside.
This kit holds 6 plate settings and is designed to be used in a small box.
The pouches are for regular size salad plates, dining plates, saucers and bowls.
There are two ways to protect your mattresses and/or box springs: you can use mattress plastic bags or mattress cartons.
If you want extra protection or if you are sending them a long haul, overseas or long term storage, you should use both.
The king / queen size mattress boxes come in two halves, making it easier to put the mattress or box spring inside the carton;
The full and twin mattress boxes are a one piece carton.
The mattress boxes are available in the following sizes: king / queen pillow top combo, regular king / queen combo, full mattress carton and twin mattress carton.
Storage unit being packed
Pack-rat portable container being loaded
The mattress plastic covers are a plastic bag you should use to protect the mattresses against dirt and water, inside the moving truck, storage or container.
Very useful when it is raining in your moving day.
The plastic mattress covers comes in 4 sizes: King, Queen, Full (or Double) and Twin.
The most used boxes for office storage and/or moving are the filing box and the legal tote.
The filing box comes with a separate lid while the legal tote comes with tabs to snap it close.
When you use the record storage boxes for your move, you do not need to unpack them, you can keep all your papers organized in closets or garage.
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One of the most important procedures while packing is to tape close your boxes, both underneath and on the top.
Use a good quality tape. Some tapes don't stuck on the cardboard, so you think the boxes are safely taped but they are not.
A good hint is to always rub your fingers on the tape after it is applied - this will help the tape to get stuck.
The use of a tape gun helps to stretch the tape and will expedite the work.
When packing heavy items you should double tape the bottom of the box.
To wrap furniture you can either use moving pads (moving blankets) or paper moving pads (also called 3-ply paper pads).
Moving pads can get fixed around the furniture using tape or using shrink wrap, which will provide a better protection.
To protect sofas, couches and love-seats you can use plastic covers, paper pads or moving pads.
It is very important to protect the furniture inside the moving truck or portable container.
Use furniture pads or moving blankets between the pieces to avoid scratches in your pieces
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If you need to store your furniture, you should use the 3-ply paper pad for protection.
The paper pad is cheaper than the moving pad (furniture blanket).
The 3-ply paper pad comes in 48 in x 72 in sheets with 3 layers together, which is easy to apply on top of the furniture.
You should apply shrink-wrap for a better protection.
Many times to wrap furniture such as couches, chairs, dressers, armoires, tubing, and a great variety of items we recommend the use of corrugated cardboard, especially for overseas shipment.
Corrugated cardboard has one side that is straight and another that is wavy.
This mix provides a lot of anti-shock protection.
You can use tape in the packing process and should apply shrink-wrap for better protection.
The corrugated cardboard comes in rolls 36 in, 48 in or 60 in wide and 250 ft long.
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If you are packing delicate items like vases, big china items, sculptures, crystals, fragile decoration items, figurines, ceramic and breakable items inside of boxes an important moving supply to be used is the styrofoam peanut.
The styrofoam peanuts provide both cushioning and anti-shock protection.
It is very useful to stabilize the item inside of the box.
Make sure you leave a good layer of peanuts also in the bottom of the box to protect the item from impacts, especially when the boxes are landed.
Our peanuts comes in bags with 10 or 20 cu ft.
Shrink-wrap is excellent to protect most of the items, to keep moving pads around the furniture, and is useful in a whole variety of packing procedures.
You can use a 5 in wide shrink wrap roll that comes with a handle or the professional 15 in or 18 in wide roll for bigger pieces and jobs.
The shrink wrap is a stretch film with no glue so you can use it in almost any surface.
We also sell the hand saver shrink wrap dispenser to be used with the 15 and 18 in professional rolls.
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If you want to protect your carpet from dust, especially in the passages, corridors and stairways, you can use our carpet shield plastic.
The carpet shield is also known as poly mask.
One side is sticky so it stays firmly on your carpet during the moving.