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3 Ply Paper Pads and Moving Paper Pad

Receive 3 Ply Paper Pads TODAY in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida!

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3-Ply Paper Pad

3-Ply Paper Pads are ideal to protect furniture inside storage units or any other portable container.

Paper pads are more affordable than renting or buying cloth moving pads.

At the end of your moving you can re-fold them and save for the next time.


60 in x 72 in

3 layers of paper together

Price: $ 3.33
Protect your fragile items using 3 Ply Paper Pads. The 3-Ply Paper pads come with three layers of paper.
Save money wrapping furniture and other items with paper pads.
Use 3 ply paper pads around furniture, decoration items, sofas and even electronics.
Use a pair of scissors instead of a box cutter to cut the 3-ply paper pads.

3 ply Paper Pads

Above a 3 ply paper pad around a oversized chair.

3 Ply Moving Paper Pads

Sofa wrapped with 3 ply paper pad with shrink wrap around it

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