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Adjustable or Telescopic Picture Box

Receive Adjustable Picture Boxes TODAY in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida!

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Buy NOW 4 - Piece Adjustable Mirror Cartons / Telescopic Mirror Boxes.

Adjustable 4-Piece Mirror Cartons
Adjustable 4-Piece Picture Cartons

The 4 individual quarters allow the packing of pictures and mirrors of any size.

The quarters can also be used open, to protect door glasses, table tops and to build a box for a TV.

The adjustable 4 piece mirror boxes or telescopic picture boxes are also called telescopic cartons.


Closed Quarter:
22 in x 31 in x 3.5 in

Open Quarter to be used as a Carton Leaf:
47.5 in x 31 in

Price: $ 9.91
each set of 4 leaves

Holds well pictures or mirrors
up to 60 in x 40 in

adjustable 4 pieces mirror cartons

Packing HINTS - This moving supply comes in 4 quarters.
First you put each separate quarter together using tape.
Then place each quarter in the 4 corners of the picture or mirror
you are packing.

adjustable 4 pieces mirror boxes

Next you put all 4 quarters together and tape them up.
Very good for large mirrors, pictures and other thin large parts
like piano lids.

Telescopic mirror cartons or Telescopic picture boxes

Above 4 quarters together and the final packing.
For even bigger pictures 6 or 8 or 12 sections can be used.

Telescopic picture boxes or cartons

Each separate quarter of the 4-piece mirror carton can be used
for packing objects of almost any shape, including china cabinets and glass doors.
Above a coffee table being packed for shipment with
adjustable 4 piece boxes.

Adjustable 4 piece picture boxes same day delivery notice.