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Large Cushioning Bubble

Receive large cushioning Bubble TODAY in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida!

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Large Bubble Cushioning to Wrap - 12 in, 24 in & 48 in wide rolls

Large Bubble Cushioning Wrap

12 inches wide

bubble size: 1/2 in

Perforated at every foot making it easy to use.

Provides great wrapping protection for decoration items, such as porcelains, crystals, ceramics and glasses.

A layer of bubble should be placed on the bottom of the boxes to better secure fragile pieces.

Roll Sizes:

12 in x 50 ft.
Price: $ 13.84

12 in x 100 ft.
Price: $ 23.14

12 in x 175 ft.
Price: $ 36.13

Large Bubble Cushioning Wrap

250 ft. roll with 3 different widths for you to choose according to your packing needs.

bubble size: 1/2 in

Perforated every 12 in for easy separation.

Use the width that best wrap your larger items in just one shot.

Excellent for packing long and fragile items such as statues, vases, etc.

Roll Sizes:

12 in x 250 ft.
Price $ 41.78

24 in x 250 ft.
Price:$ 41.78

48 in x 250 ft.
Price: $ 41.78



Protect all your fragile valuable items with large cushioning bubble. Use the large bubble cushioning to wrap all large and fragile items, like statues, vases, pictures, etc. You can also use the cushioning bubble to void fill.

large bubble cushioning

Very fragile decoration item being wrapped with large cushioning bubble.

large bubble to wrap

12 in wide Large Bubble Cushioning to wrap.

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