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BUY NOW Cardboard Partitions, Box Divisions, Cardboard Cell Kits for Dish Box & Protection Cells for Glasses

Cell Kit for Dish Box

This set of cardboard cells is designed to safely, easily and quickly stack cups and glasses inside the dish box.

This kit provides 3 layers of glasses or cups for each dish box.

This cell kit can also be used to pack bottles.

In this case, we recommend just one layer of bottles in the bottom of the box.

Set Composition:

01 large 9-slot partition

02 square pads

02 small 16-slot partitions

Price: $ 21.59
Check how you can protect your glasses and other items in a quick way and many times without the need of wrapping. This cell partition kit for dish boxes comes with 3 sets of partitions and 2 layer pads. Just mount the cell kit, put inside of a dish box and place your glasses directly in it. It is fast and save you a lot of time.

Cell Kits for Dish Boxes

You can use the 2 small partitions and 1 separator
in a medium box to pack short glasses, cups and mugs.

cardboard partition kits for glasses

In this picture you can see the middle
row with cups, mugs and regular glasses.

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