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Styrofoam Dish Cushioning Pouches Kit



Dish Kit Cushioning Pouches
Customized Dish Kit

Excellent for packing plates, saucers and salad bowls.

This kit holds 6 plate settings.

Designed for use with a 1.5 cube small box or book box.

Set Composition:

06 plate pouches
06 saucer pouches
06 bowl pouches
06 salad plate pouches

Price: $ 16.46
The dish cushioning pouches are made of styrofoam packing material that will cushion your dishes and protect them during the moving. The styrofoam dish pouches are envelope-like and very easy to use: just place the plate inside it and then into the box - see the photos below:

Styrofoam Dish Pouches Kits

Plate being placed inside a styrofoam dish pouch

Cushioning Dish Pouches Kits

Plate inside a dish cushioning pouch.

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