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Packing Peanuts - Foam Loose Fill - Foam Popcorn



Packing Peanuts

The packing peanuts are designed for cushioning, stabilizing and protecting fragile items inside of boxes.

How to use packing peanuts:
Put together a box, throw in a layer of Packing Peanuts.
Place the item in the center of the box and throw the packing peanuts around it, until the box is full.
Make sure it is snug and then close and tape the box.

Packing peanuts: a must have supply

Packing Peanuts Bag Sizes:

10 cu. ft. bag

Price $ 34

20 cu. ft. bag

Price: $ 58.88
Check how you can protect your fragile items using packing peanuts in a quick way and many times without the need of wrapping. Just mount the box, put a layer of packing peanuts, place the item, fill with more peanuts forming a snug fit around it, close the box with tape. It is fast to use and save you a lot of time.
Styrofoam packing peanuts not only provide a great deal of cushioning protection, it is an excellent all purpose void fill as well.

Packing Peanuts

A layer of packing peanuts was put in the bottom

of the box to cushion the base of the item

packing peanuts

The item was placed inside and some packing peanuts were

dropped around to stabilize it

packing peanuts wilton manors

More foam packing popcorn was placed around the item

with some pressure to make the packing snug

Packing Peanuts

The item now is completely covered with packing peanuts

up to the top of the box completing the job.

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