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BUY NOW 24" Wardrobe Boxes & 24" Garment Boxes


Short Wardrobe Box w/ Bar
24 inches wide

The SHORT wardrobe box is excellent for hangables, specially children clothes.
Maximize space inside the short wardrobe box by placing sweaters, T-shirts or shoes in the bottom.
Short wardrobe boxes are very useful to pack comforters, towels, sheets and pillows.
The use of wardrobe boxes allows the linen closet to be packed really quickly.


24 in x 20 in x 32 in

Price: $ 16.3



Wardrobe Box w/ Bar
Full Size 24 inches wide

The full wardrobe box is good for suits and long dresses.
Maximize space inside the wardrobe boxes by packing sweaters, shoes, shoe boxes, purses, etc. in the bottom.
Full wardrobe boxes hold that big dry plant as well.
If the plant is very tall, tape the flaps in the vertical position.
Small antiques, delicate chairs and some pieces of furniture can also go inside of a wardrobe.


24 in x 20 in x 46 in

Price: $ 19.25

The 24" wardrobe boxes, also called garment boxes, come in 2 sizes: the short (32" ) and the full size (48"). Pack your clothes in garment boxes - you will save a lot of time and your clothes will arrive without wrinkles
(no need to iron them again). Wardrobe boxes can also be used to protect delicate furniture, large decoration items, plants, etc.
Wardrobe boxes Large Wardrobe boxes

A fake tree inside a wardrobe box.

short wardrobe boxes

A white coffee table inside a wardrobe box.

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