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White Wrapping Paper - Unprinted Newsprint - White Packing Paper

White Wrapping Paper

Newsprint Paper is the best packing supply to protect dishes and to avoid scratches in metal or wood surfaces, like picture frames, ceramic pots.

Newspaper ink will stain your items. Unprinted newsprint paper is clean and comes in easy to use pre-cut sheets.

Use White Wrapping Paper to fill empty spaces inside the boxes; it will provide cushioning and protection as well.

Bundle Sizes:

5 lbs
Price: $ 12.4

10 lbs
Price: $ 21.72

25 lbs
Price: $ 35.73
Use unprinted wrapping paper to protect dishes, cups, glasses, ceramics, without stain them with newspaper.
The white packing paper can also be used to fill space in the boxes for better protection.
Use the white newsprint paper as cushion to all boxes with your fragile items.

white wrapping paper for dishes

White Wrapping paper being used to wrap metal pots

white wrapping paper

Unprinted newsprint paper wrapping decoration items and filling void spaces.

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